Digging Deeper: Soil Science for Farmers 7/21/24

This workshop offers a chance to dig deeper into the practical and applicable side of soil science. We will explore the complexities of managing healthy soil, adding nutrients, mitigating erosion and compaction, and other questions for farmers. Bring your soil … Continued

Walk Behind Tractor Basics Workshop 7/16/24

Join us for this fun and accessible introductory workshop to walk-behind tractor use and troubleshooting. Get hands on experience with our Grillo Walk-Behind Tractor at the Lalonde Ranch site!    

Summer 2024: Open Field Tours

This summer, CFAC’s Farm Link Montana program is hosting three land tours to help interested landowners and beginning farmers meet on common ground and learn about potential sites, leasing arrangements, and site assessment. If you are a landowner interested in … Continued