CFAC is hosting the 2nd annual Farm Fresh Pitchfest on Thursday, February 1st, 6:00-8:00 at the Burns Street Bistro in Missoula. Pitchfest is an opportunity for farmers, ranchers and local food business owners to present their Kiva Loan projects in front of a live audience of investors and community members interested in supporting Montana’s local food system.

What is kiva and Pitchfest?

Kiva is a ‘crowd-lending’ platform that makes 0% interest loans available to socially impactful businesses. Last year, all 3 participating farms funded their projects within a week of the Farm Fresh Pitch Fest and with your help, we can raise even more funds and awareness for exciting new local food projects. Nicole Jarvis, from Ploughshare Farm, said that the most positive part of pitching her project was, “letting my community know more about how we operate as farmers.”

Come hear this year’s pitches, and get inspired!

Learn more about the Kiva Lending Process.