Tractor Maintenance

November 10th, 9:00-3:00, Missoula

Vegetable farmers in Montana use a wide variety of tractor driven tools to plant, grow and harvest their crops. Montana’s hot summers and cold winters are hard on engines, and the busy growing season leaves little room for tractor trouble.

While tractor work and engine maintenance is often considered men’s work, Western Montana has a large and growing population of woman farmers and tractor operators. CFAC is excited to partner with Missoula Urban Demonstration Project to create a safe and supportive environment for woman farmers to learn how to maintain and use tractors on their farms.

Please Note: While this workshop was requested by female farmers and has been tailored to be an inclusive women-oriented event, all gender identities are welcome.

Individual Registration $30

Discount registration available for participants who bring a piece of equipment to be used as a hands-on teaching example. If you are interested in providing a piece of equipment for this purpose, contact CFAC for more information (please include the name of the tool in your information request)



This workshop will include hands-on practice and instruction with topics including:


  • Basic overview of the tractor engine, system and parts
  • Regular upkeep, preseason look-over, and daily walk-around
  • Safe operation and tool use
  • Observing and diagnosing issues
  • Home maintenance
  • When and how to use your dealer or mechanic


Thanks to generous support from the High Stakes Foundation, this workshop will be indoors with plenty of space for hands on practice, in a warehouse space at 150 S Catlin St, Missoula. Parking is free on site.

Lunch will not be served at the workshop, but there are several food options nearby, including the Good Food Store, a strong supporter of local farms and CFAC.

Please note that road and bridge work on Russell St may affect transportation routes to the workshop. Find the latest information on MDT Weekly Updates.


Krista Marshall

Krista grew up alongside her dad in Lundberg Shop in Canyon Creek, Montana. She is a graduate of Montana State University- Northern’s Agricultural and Diesel Technology programs. During college she worked as a technician on AGCO’s custom harvest support or Tech Van following the wheat harvest from Texas to Montana. Since graduation, she has worked as a test engineer for Mack Trucks and as a New Product Introduction Specialist for a prominent Caterpillar dealership.

 The Missoula Urban Demonstration Project promotes urban sustainable living through hands-on learning, resource sharing, and community engagement. For more information about MUD Projects, workshops and the Missoula Tool Library, visit the MUD Website.