Pitchfest is back for season 3!

In 2018, four local farmers found funding through Pitchfest & Kiva.org. This February 21st at 6pm, join us at Burns Street Bistro in Missoula for a live event to support and connect with the next group of Montana farmers seeking support for development and expansion projects.


How does Pitchfest work?

Each farmer or local food business owner will make a 5-10 minute pitch of their business plan and their loan opportunity. Each will have a dedicated computer at the event so that individuals can make loans immediately. Links to their loans will also be available, if lenders want to make an investment at a later time or share with friends. Lenders can invest as little as $25 up to $10,000, and will be repaid via the Kiva website. Lenders can withdraw repaid funds or lend again.

Lending requires a Kiva account. Payment on the Kiva site occurs through PayPal and lenders can use an existing Paypal account, or use a “guest” account at the event. A computer will be available on-site for lenders to create these accounts, but we encourage you to set up your account in advance.

Example video from a Kiva loan recipient:

Kiva loans are:

  • Social Impact Investments, meaning participating businesses have a positive impact on their communities
  • Crowdfunded, meaning anyone on earth can lend money – from $25 to $10,000
  • 0% Interest, meaning lenders do not gain an additional return beyond what they lent
  • Zero Fees, meaning that neither Kiva nor CFAC charges any fees for this service
  • Up to $10,000, although borrowers are encouraged to apply for smaller amounts
  • For terms from 6 months to 36 months, depending on your loan amount
  • Grace periods up to six months are available. Grace periods are requested while your loan is being reviewed by Kiva.

How Does CFAC Help?

As a trustee, CFAC can endorse your loan application, making it more likely that you will be successful in your fundraising. Endorsed loans are more likely to be fully funded and are more likely to be funded faster! We endorse up to five borrowers at a time through an online application process.

Download the full application for review (pdf/doc). We recommend working through the questions before starting your online application, which is accessible here.

Note that our review process takes roughly two weeks and Kiva’s review process for your loan takes roughly one week. Whenever we can get back to you more quickly, we will! You can expect that the full process, from endorsement application to full funding will take 1-2 months.

Please email cfacinfo@missoulacfac.org if you have not received an email from CFAC within 3 business days.

For more information on how to be endorsed by CFAC, contact us at cfacinfo@missoulacfac.org.



More Info for Borrowers:

  • While you have up to 30 days to fundraise, U.S. farmers that work with a trustee on Kiva typically complete their fundraising much more quickly and so far, have a 100% success rate at getting their loans funded!
  • Requirements:
    • Loan must be for a commercial enterprise, i.e. must be producing income, not a homestead
    • Borrower is encouraged to be a CFAC member (Your membership helps us to make the program sustainable so we can continue to offer this service into the future. Memberships start at $25 and if you’re borrowing less than $2,500, we’re happy to discuss lower membership rates.)
    • Borrower must be over 18 years of age
    • Borrower must have a PayPal account (or the ability to create one)
    • Borrower must not currently be in bankruptcy, foreclosure, or under any liens – past bankruptcy or foreclosure will not disqualify you from participation
    • Borrower must demonstrate that they have the character and ability to repay the loan
    • Loan must have a positive social impact and improve Montana’s local food system in some way
  • Calculate your loan request: Visit http://borrow.kiva.org/ and scroll down to view the loan calculator
  • When you set up your Kiva loan, you will go through a private fundraising period before you enter the public fundraising period. Learn more here.
  • View Kiva’s Frequently Asked Questions
  • Check out a slideshow on Kiva’s borrower process
  • Visit Kiva’s super hub with resources for borrowers, including this great piece about the six key best practices for your loan application