March 18, 8:00-12:30 in Missoula

The foundation of a successful farm or ranch business, is a good piece of land. Finding a piece of land can be challenging enough. Evaluating land shouldn’t have to be. This half day workshop will give you the tools to assess a piece of property to see if it fits your farm or ranch plans. Presenters will cover primary land use considerations including soil, water and regulations. You will learn how to use online tools including the Montana Cadastral, Web Soil Survey, and the Water Right Query System. The day will conclude with a field trip for hands-on practice of site assessment techniques and hear a rancher and a vegetable farmer share their experience and perspective on site evaluation.


The workshop will begin at the Missoula County Extension Office and participants will carpool to a nearby farm site for field practice.

Directions to Missoula County Extension: 2825 Santa Fe Ct, Missoula


8:00-10:30  Understanding Site Assessment

  • Water: Jim Nave, Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
  • Soils: Jay Brooker, Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Easements, Zoning and more: Tim Worley, Missoula Community and Planning Services
  • Soil Sampling: Seth Swanson, MSU Extension

10:30-10:50  Break and Drive to Field Site

10:50-12:30  Site Assessment Field Practice

  • Field Practice: Seth Swanson, MSU Extension
  • Ranch Perspective: Bart Morris, Oxbow Cattle Company
  • Produce Farm Perspective: Tracy Potter-Fins, County Rail Farm


This is a free workshop, but space is limited. Register today to reserve your spot!

Coffee will be served in the morning and the workshop will wrap up before lunch.

You can register online on the Missoula County Extension webpage or by calling Seth Swanson at 406.258.4205

For more information call Seth at Extension or Dave Renn at CFAC 541-829-3757