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CFAC’s Farmer Tool Library will be opened in spring of 2024 as a public resource for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers in Western Montana. The 2024 season will be a pilot year for the Tool Library, and only 24 members will be selected to participate in this closed, discounted program. The goal of the Tool Library this season is to work through scheduling, operational, and technical kinks with selected members that represent a diversity of farm scales, growing practices, soil quality, and crops/livestock. 


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Who is Eligible?

Historically Underserved* Farmers and Ranchers within a 60 mile radius of the LaLonde site who are actively engaged in farming or ranching for profit. 20-30 acre grain/hay operations and small-to-medium scale market vegetable operations are the best fit for the equipment we will have this season.

*Four groups are defined by USDA as “Historically Underserved,” including farmers or ranchers who are: Beginning; Socially Disadvantaged; Veterans; and Limited Resource. Learn more about these definitions here.


2024 Equipment List


13 HP Grillo G110D Walk-Behind Tractor, compatible with: 42 HP Kubota L4060 4WD Tractor, compatible with: 
-6.5 cu ft Compost/Manure Drop Spreader

-30″ / 75cm Flail Mower

-30″ / 75cm Power Harrow

-Plastic Mulch Layer for 4-FOOT plastic


-25 Bushel Ground-Drive Manure Spreader

-3pt 66” Reverse Tiller, 6” depth w/ slip clutch

-68″ Heavy Duty Flail Mower with Hammer Blades

-Truax FlexII-88 No-Till Drill (available through Missoula Conservation District)


Membership and Rental Fees: *$20 discount for CFS grads 


Walk-Behind Tractor 42 HP Tractor 
Membership Cost* $75/year $150/year
Tractor Rental Cost $35/rental period $75/rental period
Implement Rental Cost $20/rental period $40/rental period


Member Requirements

This Program is designed to support beginning and low-resource Farmers and Ranchers – as such, we do not expect members to be experts in using tractors, implements, and trailers. However, we strongly recommend that those interested in renting the 42 HP Tractor know the basics of tractor operation and driving with a trailer and have some level of experience driving both a PTO tractor and a loaded trailer. 


Not there yet? Don’t fret! We will be hosting a series of workshops this summer that will help prospective members build skills, confidence, and competency behind the wheel. If this sounds like you, consider applying for a Tool Library Membership next season so that you can spend this year developing these crucial skills. Tool Library staff will not have capacity to provide individual trailer and tractor training for those seeking instruction. We do recommend renting a truck and trailer, finding an empty parking lot, and working on these skills with a friend!


Fine Print

If you’re wanting to bring home the 42 HP tractor, you will need to rent, borrow or own a ¾ -1 ton truck (i.e. F250 or F350, Ram 2500, etc.) so that you can haul our 20’ trailer home. Rentals of the walk-behind tractor can generally fit in a truckbed, so long as there’s no topper. Rentals of the 42HP tractor manure spreader implement must be transported in a second trip or loaded onto a rented/personal trailer, as the manure spreader and tractor won’t both fit on the trailer provided. 



 The Tool Library is set to open in early-to-mid May of 2024, and will run through October and potentially into November depending on demand. Open hours will be Monday and Thursday from 3 to 7pm, but are subject to occasional change depending on time of season and holidays. Rental window options will be Monday-Thursday or Thursday-Monday (or whichever days the library is open) and are not flexible. Per this system, two renters can access each tractor and/or implement each week. 


How do I Apply? 

Fill out our membership application here.


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We’ll review your application and let you know if you’ve been selected to join us for this discounted, pilot year by mid-May. If you have any questions, please email Gillian at Thank you!

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