Please access the Freelance Farmhand list through this page. This allows us to keep track of the tool’s use automatically and reduces the amount of information we have to gather from you at the end of the season!

We also ask that you refer new farmers to the public page where they can apply for the list rather than share this link. Thank you!


The List

The workers listed here have been referred to the list by the farmer listed. CFAC has not vetted the skills or qualifications of any of the workers. For more information or a reference, please contact the recommending farmer noted on the list.

It is up to the farmer and the worker to negotiate terms of employment for each work arrangement. CFAC assumes that all farmers using the list will refer to state and federal law for guidelines and requirements for farm labor hiring.

Submitting Workers

Farmers and Ranchers can submit workers for the list by using the following form. Workers will be confirmed by CFAC staff before appearing in the list above.


This is a new approach to ag labor sharing, and any feedback from users helps us improve the tool for all. At the end of the 2018 season, CFAC will produce a management guide for operating Freelance Farmhand lists in other regions. With this stated goal, the list is intended to be simple to operate and effective in providing workers to farms and ranches. Please send any questions or feedback to Dave and we will continue working to improve this tool.

Fine Print

CFAC does not vet or endorse host or worker candidates. It is the responsibility of the participants to safeguard themselves by clearly defining and clarifying expectations, checking references, and asking questions. CFAC is not a party to any work agreement and the terms of any agreements should be considered private agreements between the host and the worker only.

CFAC is not responsible or liable for any harm or injury that may occur during a position. Proper safety training and precautions should be taken to reduce the chances of injury or accidents.