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Currently Hiring

No, not at this time. Please check back next season!

Number of Workers Sought


Type of Farm


Marketing Strategy

Community Supported Agriculture, Farmers' Market, Restaurant



Pay Rate

Wash Station Leader: Starting rate $10/hr + farm vegetables, potential raises up to $14/hr depending on experience and performance throughout the season

What are the dates of your position?

Starting Date: May 1st. End Date: Oct. 30th. There is potential for this position to continue through the end of February depending on the individual and the season.

Are you open to shorter periods of employment or do you prefer that workers stay the full season?

Prefer full season

Explain the room and board arrangements or describe options in your area

Our hiring for full-time employees is complete but we are still looking for a Wash Station Leader to work with us part-time. Housing is not available for this position. We do encourage all employees to take any available vegetables and join us for shared meals and other non-work activities.

Please share three things you think people should know about living with you.

We are a worker cooperative of three co-farmers, sharing in the benefits and challenges of small-scale market farming.

Work and life on the farm isn't always glamorous but working with a great, tight-knit group of people and appreciation from customers, especially in the winter months, works to balance the scales.

We prefer to work and live with folks who can adequately communicate their needs, whether that be asking for time off in advance or letting us know about a problem with the washing machine.

Do you have a website, social media account, or job posting anywhere else?


Describe yourself, your family, background, farming experience, philosophy, goals and interests

Please see URLs listed above

Describe the physical setting of your farm and the nature of the community in which you live

Our farm is 15 acres total, with 5 acres in vegetable production, about 5-7 acres in cover crops, and the remaining acreage in a mix of harvest roads, buildings, and shelter belts (a mix of shrubs, fruit trees, and conifers that act as a wind break when fully grown). We have 5 high tunnels, a seedling greenhouse, and a barn used for storage, the cooler, the dry storage, and the wash/pack station.
Our farm looks out over the Bitterroot mountains and we are a 5 minute drive from fishing and swimming sites along the Bitterroot river.
We are 2 miles south of Stevensville, a small town with most necessary amenities and many community events. Missoula is 45 minutes away and Hamilton (another small but vibrant town) is 30 minutes away.

Describe your farm operation

Our farm grows a large amount of cut greens and root crops, with an additional mix of hot crops, head brassicas, herbs, alliums, etc. We do majority direct sales at 3 summer farmer's markets, 1 winter farmer's market, a Spring, Summer and Winter CSA, and to a handful of chefs.
We strongly believe in providing high quality produce as consistently as possible by attending farmer's market nearly year round and providing CSA shares 42 weeks of the year. Additional focus is placed on maintaining direct contact with our customers through great customer service and personal connection.
Our farm is majority certified organic (as of July 2019), with a small portion still transitioning to certified organic production. We prioritize soil health through our growing practices to create a resilient system from the ground up.

Every part of our farm crew is incredibly important, including our part time employees, full time employees, interns, co-farmers, and the occasional volunteer. All these folks help the farm grow!

Describe the work to be performed by applicant

The Wash Station Leader will be responsible for washing and packing of vegetables following our food safety procedures and our quality standards. This is to ensure the food going out to our customers and the community looks its best! This job requires pride in one’s work, attention to detail, and strong organizational skills. The Wash Station Leader will report directly to farmer/owners, typically this will be Katie.

Hours for this Position:
May and June: Friday 8AM – 5 or 6PM
July-end of Oct.: Friday and Thursday 8AM – 5 or 6PM
If it is a good fit there is the possibility of working November through the end of February with the hours: Tuesday 8AM – 1PM and Fridays noon – 5PM

Responsibilities and Tasks for this Position:
• Following our farm’s quality control standards
• Washing, packing, bagging, and labeling produce for farmer’s markets and our CSA programs
• Keeping the cooler organized
• Washing and/or sanitizing of wash station equipment
• Following our food safety procedures
• Small amount of record keeping, which includes updating harvest/pack amounts of certain crops, updating inventory of crops in the cooler, tracking weights of certain crops, and occasionally recording amount of time taken for certain wash station tasks for a research program our farm is participating in

What do you expect of a worker?

The Ideal Candidate For Our Farm:
-Is trustworthy and hardworking
-Is self-motivated to learn and to complete the task at hand efficiently
-Has strong attention to detail and strong organizational skills
-Is positive, energetic, and inquisitive
-Is willing to work with others responsibly without letting socializing get in the way of efficient work
-Is able to work all day on your feet
-Is able to lift 50 lbs consistently
-Is able to work quickly and efficiently whether for a time sensitive task or a monotonous task, or while working alone
-Is willing to ask questions to ensure understanding of tasks and systems
-Takes precautions to avoid accidents, keeping safety in mind
-Can communicate their needs, questions, and concerns to us when necessary

Applicants for this position must live near our farm, which is in Stevensville, MT.

Time off must be requested two weeks in advance.

You will work hard, but it is so rewarding, spreading the beauty and flavor of vegetables, one carrot at a time!

Describe the learning and educational opportunities available to a worker

This is a part-time, hourly position which does not include an educational component.

Are you a full-time farmer?


Please attach any photos of your farm and operation