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Currently Hiring


Number of Workers Sought


Type of Farm

Hay & Forage, Vegetable

Marketing Strategy

Community Supported Agriculture, Farmers' Market, Wholesale



What are the dates of your position?

May 1 to mid October. Also, I’m looking to hire a temporary worker for the month of May.

Are you open to shorter periods of employment or do you prefer that workers stay the full season?

Shorter periods of employment possible, Prefer full season



Explain the room and board arrangements or describe options in your area

I have rooms and a kitchen for workers seperate from my home. Bathroom and shower is in our home, but located in a walk in basement and rarely used by others. laundry is shared with the main house.

Please share three things you think people should know about living with you.

I have a daughter who is 13 and a son who is 16. My parents also have a home on the property. We do our best to provide workers with privacy and adequate free time. there is always a lot going on here and there will be times you will be asked to work a little harder or longer. I live in a quiet, beautiful place and I think exploring the area is an important benefit to workers.

Describe yourself, your family, background, farming experience, philosophy, goals and interests

I'm 40, and have been involved in farming for 20 years. I have been operating a very well-established market and wholesale farm business in Moiese for 14 years. My kids and parents play a very active role in the farm work and overall health of the farm. Besides learning how to grow produce, I think gaining an understanding of what it is like to raise a family on a small farm and be part of a rural community are the main things to take away from this experience. This is a great hands-on opportunity for someone interested in running their own farm one day.

Describe the physical setting of your farm and the nature of the community in which you live

My farm is located within a mile of the Lower Flathead River. It is in a small rural community of farms and ranches. It is a half hour drive to the nearest towns and an hour drive to Missoula. The river and local reservoirs are favorite places to cool off, fish, float, and reflect. There are endless opportunities for hiking in the Mission mountains and surrounding areas. The National Bison Range is only a few miles down the road, and a great wildlife viewing area. (See the elk in the picture below) There are opportunities to socialize with neighbors and other organic farm workers in the area. Other than that, there is not a lot going on for social activities or entertainment.

Describe your farm operation

We have about 6 acres in produce and 8 in hay. We own 18 acres altogether. We grow a wide range of produce for farmer's market and a collective CSA and wholesale through the Western Montana Grower's Cooperative. I would say we are mid-range as far as our level of mechanization goes. We have a few goats, and several border collies all of which are more pets than productive parts of the commercial operation.

Describe the work to be performed by applicant

I am looking for a helper 4 days a week which would likely include a Friday farmers market in Polson MT.Planting, weeding and harvesting produce are the main tasks here and there are also opportunities to gain experience with irrigation, running equipment, working with animals, and putting up hay. I am looking for one worker with farmer's market experience to fill the role of a farmer's market manager. I would consider profit sharing or a higher wage for this position. One worker filled this role for me the last 2 years and it worked out quite well.

What do you expect of a worker?

I am looking for a worker who is self motivated and invested in the success of the farm. You must be able to follow directions and do things according to this farm's standards. There is a fair amount of heavy lifting and stoop labor involved in what we do. We generally keep to a 40 hour work week, but you will be asked to work slightly longer days when the work load demands it. I’m considering 4 9-hour days this season plus maybe a bit of farm sitting on the weekend. I offer you 5 personal days per season, but taking them all in one block is usually not feasible.

Describe the learning and educational opportunities available to a worker

Workers will sometimes work with me and sometimes alone. As time allows emphasis will be put on training in different aspects of running the farm according to workers interests. Getting the prioritized work done on time will always come first. There are opportunities for farm related workshops in the area and time off for some of these will be granted.

Are you a full-time farmer?


Please attach any photos of your farm and operation

Pay Rate

$300 per week. potentially more for a farmer's market manager depending on experience. Free access to produce. Housing available.