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Type of Farm

Small Animal (pigs, rabbits, poultry)

Marketing Strategy

Community Supported Agriculture, Farmers' Market, Restaurant, Wholesale, Other

Marketing Strategy (Other)

Direct-to-consumer via farmers market & home delivery, restaurant and small grocery



Pay Rate

$700/month on payroll plus 20# per month meat share. Living accommodations provided in a stand-alone 240 sq. ft. tiny house on the property. Tiny house has a complete kitchen with full size fridge/freezer, 2 burner stove, sink, counter space, and cabinets. Bathroom is large and includes a shower and toilet. Room for a queen size bed and small living area. Can be furnished or unfurnished. Meals are not provided.

We also have 2 part-time positions that do not include a stipend or housing.



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Describe yourself, your family, background, farming experience, philosophy, goals and interests

Black Dog Farm is a dryland pasture-based pork, poultry, and egg farm in Livingston, Montana. Husband and wife team Tim and Kira started Black Dog Farm in 2017 and have experienced an amazing and humbling trajectory of growth and cultivated a robust community presence and local market for our meat and eggs. We sell all of our products locally via our website and weekly home delivery. We also purchase from and distribute for other local food producers via our website, aiming to offer a one-stop local grocery option. In 2020, we opened an on-farm state licensed poultry processing facility, one of just 2 in the state of Montana. We are now both full-time on the farm and oversee daily operations working side by side with interns and employees.

We believe in producing slow, quality, meat and eggs from healthy animals for our community and believe that growing and purchasing local food has benefits that extend far beyond human health to the local economy and global environment.

Describe the physical setting of your farm and the nature of the community in which you live

The farm is approximately 3 miles from downtown Livingston. We are just 1 hour from Yellowstone National Park in the shadow of the Beartooth and Absaroka Mountains, and minutes from both the famed Paradise Valley and Yellowstone River providing ample outdoor recreation opportunities.

Describe your farm operation

We are a farrow-to-finish year-round pork operation. We raise Idaho Pasture Pigs for meat using portable electric fencing and shelters. Our sows farrow on pasture (unless there are negative temperatures and blizzards in October, then we’ll bring them inside). In addition to our pigs, we keep a flock of 500-700 laying hens and will raise 3,200 Freedom Ranger broiler chickens in 2022. Our first broilers for the year arrive in April and we aim to be done processing October 15th. We have a large, newly constructed indoor brooder where we raise chicks for varying amounts of time depending on the weather before transitioning them to portable shelters on pasture. During the 2022 season, we will be processing chickens twice weekly from June-October 15. We feed and water 2-3 times daily using both a UTV and a small tractor.

Describe the work to be performed by applicant

Intern and farm hand duties include day-to-day animal care and chores including feeding, watering, cleaning the brooder, and moving animals and fencing. Interns will be expected to help process chickens 1-2 days per week. Additional responsibilities may include cleaning and packaging eggs, inventory, order packing, fence building and fixing, shelter construction, cleaning, prepping and cleaning the processing facility, and general farm maintenance. The work can be hot and dirty.

What do you expect of a worker?

This position is 5-6 days per week and 1 weekend of independent farm sitting per month. 2 days per week will be spent processing chickens with the team. Hours vary depending on the day, and sometimes the day is not over until 9 or 10pm during peak daylight hours when chickens need to be closed in for the night. This person MUST be strongly self-directed and motivated, have a great attitude, be committed to animal welfare, and be willing to go above and beyond to ensure things are functioning safely and smoothly for the animals. You must be an independent thinker capable of problem solving and making decisions while also working with and taking a leadership role among a team. Previous farm and livestock experience is a plus. Required availability is May through mid-October with flexible start/end dates.

Describe the learning and educational opportunities available to a worker

We feel we are able to offer realistic, hands on experience in raising pigs and chickens for profit for people interested in starting or managing a similar operation. You will learn about raising pastured pork and poultry in a challenging climate and have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of care including veterinary care, castration, etc. Interns will be working closely with us and will have the opportunity to partly oversee and direct other interns and daily operations, as well as learn about the business side of small livestock farming. We provide as much mentorship as you want, and this extends past your time here. There is potential for trying new processes and ideas and for a lot of learning.

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Explain the room and board arrangements or describe options in your area

Living accommodations provided in a stand-alone 240 sq. ft. tiny house on the property. Tiny house has a complete kitchen with full size fridge/freezer, 2 burner stove, sink, counter space, and cabinets. Bathroom is large and includes a shower and toilet. Room for a queen size bed and small living area. Can be furnished or unfurnished. There is no Wi-Fi but there is great cell service and you can consider using a hot spot or other device for Wi-Fi. Meals are not provided. We do enjoy socializing with our interns. We value our down time and family time, and our past interns have also appreciated having their own space to retreat to and cook meals after work and on the weekends. The tiny house could accommodate a spouse with other employment arrangements.

There is absolutely no smoking (including marijuana) and absolutely no drugs allowed on the property at any time. We enjoy a beer or two after the day is done. We employ 4 livestock guardian dogs and have 3 house dogs, so unless you have an impeccably well trained, friendly, non-barking dog, we cannot accommodate any other animals.

Please share three things you think people should know about living with you.

1. We work hard and are very committed to our animals' welfare, happiness, and well-being. We are looking for someone who has personal motivation and conviction for maintaining the animals' well-being. With that being said, we are fairly casual, having an afternoon cup of coffee together, and really enjoy forming a good and lasting friendship with our live-on intern.

2. We value our privacy and downtime, and really enjoy living in a very quiet setting close to town. We have worked well in the past with interns who are similar in terms of wanting down time at the end of the day and who enjoy getting out to recreate or spend time with friends on the weekends.

3. We appreciate people who are able to work both independently and as a team. We appreciate input and ideas from interns and enjoy problem-solving conversations.

What are the dates of your position?

May 1-15 through October 15. 5-6 days per week plus 1 weekend per month (weekend duties include only chores/animal care so we can take a weekend off -- the days are otherwise yours). For part-time/unpaid positions we are flexible on dates, but prefer a 3 month commitment.

Are you open to shorter periods of employment or do you prefer that workers stay the full season?

Prefer full season