Listing Information

Number of Workers Sought


Type of Farm

Grain, Vegetable, Fruit/Orchard, Other

Type of Farm (Other)

Seed, Bakey, On-farm pizza night

Marketing Strategy

Farm Stand, Farmers' Market, Restaurant, Wholesale



Pay Rate

Interns are hired as employees and paid at least minimum wage. Wage includes room and some food.



Describe yourself, your family, background, farming experience, philosophy, goals and interests

Our farm seeks to honor the heritage of the native prairie and Montana's agriculture. When settlers came to the prairies, they started small-scale diversified family farms. At Prairie Heritage Farm, we are doing the same in the 21st century (with modern twists). Both Courtney and Jacob were born and raised in Central Montana and are proud to call it home.

Describe the physical setting of your farm and the nature of the community in which you live

We're located in central Montana, near the small town of Power, with a population of a couple hundred. Our farm sits on the short grass prairie, where the Rocky Mountains meet the plains. The sky is big, the wind blows, and we're in the flyway to a large bird migration every spring and fall. Great Falls, a city of over 50,000, is only 30 miles to the south.

Describe your farm operation

Prairie Heritage Farm grows certified organic vegetables, garlic seed, and variety of ancient and heritage grains on 30 acres. We also have an on-farm sourdough bakery and will host a pizza night in the summer of 2019.

Describe the work to be performed by applicant

Interns will be expected to help in the day-to-day tasks of taking care of vegetables and routine farm maintenance. That includes planting, transplanting, watering, weeding, and harvesting vegetables, as well as mowing and trimming to keep the property neat. The applicant may need to help out with the bakery from time to time, as well as for the weekly pizza night and farmers' market. There will also be opportunities to help out with the grain and seed trials and the field crops.

What do you expect of a worker?

Hours are usually no more than 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week. Often we will ask for assistance at the Saturday farmers market. We also ask for interns to look after the farm if we go on a (short) vacation or have a meeting to attend.

Describe the learning and educational opportunities available to a worker

Interns are encouraged to request guidance and instruction based on their interests.

Are you a full-time farmer?


Explain the room and board arrangements or describe options in your area

Employees have the option of living on the farm. No smoking or drugs are allowed. Some fresh produce and grain is provided.

Farm Address

Power, MT, United States

What are the dates of your position?

May 1, 2019-November 1, 2019

Are you open to shorter periods of employment or do you prefer that workers stay the full season?

Prefer full season

Currently Hiring