Listing Information

Land Area

500+ acres

How many acres are available for agricultural production


Current Use

Hay & Forage, Large Animal (cattle, sheep, goats)

Current Practices

Conventional, Organic

Water Sources

Pond/Lake, Stream/Large creek, Well, Irrigation system

Are water rights available to these sources?


What are the soil types on your property?

Charlos Loam, Heath Bynum, Adel Silty Clay Loam

Onsite Housing


Please describe the available housing:

On-site housing is available for RV hookups, tiny house location, and other means of temporary housing. We do not have permanent housing available yet for hosting.


Barn or shed for produce, livestock, or equipment storage, Animal pens, Other fencing, Irrigation equipment, Tractor or other tools, Electricity, Other

Please further describe the structures or equipment that are available

There are several graineries w/ auger available for use as feed storage or any kind of storage. Calving sheds/lean-to's with pens and water are available. Chicken Coops. Barn with new horse stalls, water, and electricity. Barn with loft. Small animal sheds. Auto shop for mechanic and fabrication. Wood shop. LOTS of wood and steel supplies for salvaging. Extra electric fencing, pig panels, and tractor implements. Tractor usage available. Thousands of bushels of free feed wheat available to help the right candidate get started.

Transition Arrangements

Cropshare, Lease, Partnership, Open to other arrangements

Would you be willing to mentor or advise the entering farmer or rancher?


Please elaborate on your willingness to mentor or advise the entering farmer or rancher:

As one of the current operators is a FSA Beginning Farmer and former Agricultural Banker, financial planning and marketing assistance are available if needed. Because hay/forage, sheep, cattle, and grain production are not available to said beginning farmer (that's what we do), the only areas of expertise current operators/owners are able to assist would be in equipment, construction, water systems, implements, and operational.

Are you currently living on the farm or ranch?


Do you intend to remain on the land?


In your judgment, which crops/agricultural purposes are best suited to your land and which would you support on your land?

Small Animal (pigs, rabbits, poultry), Vegetable, Fruit/Orchard, Other

Please elaborate on the crops/agricultural purposes that are best suited to your land:

We would be most comfortable with a goat producer and other small animal producers such as rabbits and guinea pigs. Pastured poultry of any sort (broilers, quail egg production, heritage turkey etc) would fit in very well, especially behind our cattle on intensive irrigated pasture grazing. Our pickups and trailers would be available to producers.
Pastured pigs would be acceptable, but only in the creek bottoms. Pen pigs would be considered with good planning.
There are several reservoirs and plenty of water rights for hydroponic ambitions.
There are several irrigated un-improved (sod-bound with no deer fence) plots for a market garden. No fertilizer, no chemical affidavit available from owner for those with organic ambitions.
The fishing is good everywhere, the hunting is good everywhere, lots of deer, elk, and bird.
Easy access from Highway 212, Red Lodge, and Billings.
Sheep producers would be considered, the only issue with having a sheep producer is that significant fencing improvements would need to be made.

Please summarize your long-term goals regarding your land:

Multi species grazing to diversify ecology. Soil health and improvement. Weed suppression. Water conservation and improvements. Marketing diversification. Agri-tourism. Have fun. Make money, make a good living sustainably.