Listing Information

How did you hear about Farm Link?

family members

Land Area

1-5 acres

How many acres are available for agricultural production


Current Use

Not used for agriculture

Current Practices

Organic, Other

Water Sources

Well, Irrigation system, Other

Please elaborate on the water source(s):

water sources include rights from Lolo ditch, a spring and a well.

Are water rights available to these sources?


What are the soil types on your property?

sandy loam characteristics


Barn or shed for produce, livestock, or equipment storage, Other fencing, Irrigation equipment, Electricity

Land Tenure

Cropshare, Lease, Partnership, Open to other arrangements

Would you be willing to mentor or advise the entering farmer or rancher?

I would like to learn more about this option

Please elaborate on your willingness to mentor or advise the entering farmer or rancher:

I grew up on my family's cattle ranch so I have some background in agriculture, but little knowledge on small scale produce farming.

Are you currently living on the farm or ranch?


Do you intend to remain on the land?


In your judgment, which crops/agricultural purposes are best suited to your land and which would you support on your land?

Vegetable, Fruit/Orchard, Other

Please elaborate on the crops/agricultural purposes that are best suited to your land:

While I am open to other viewpoints, given the soil type, size of the land, drainage characteristics and available water I think that fruit, vegetable or other similar type of operation may be best suited.

Please summarize your long-term goals regarding your land:

Maintain it in agricultural operation, or as open space, improve soil quality and keep it visually appealing.

What kind of additional training/information would help you with the transfer process? Please check all that apply and feel free to elaborate below.

Marketing (local market connections), Production, Specializations (organic, sustainable)

Please attach any photos of your farm, infrastructure, or land

Please elaborate on current farming/ranching practices

There really are none. Just some grazing of horses for about 45 days.