Listing Information

How did you hear about Farm Link?


Land Area

1-5 acres

How many acres are available for agricultural production

3 acres

Current Use

Small Animal (pigs, rabbits, poultry), Vegetable, Fruit/Orchard

Current Practices


Land Tenure

Buy/Sell, Cropshare, Lease, Partnership, Open to other arrangements

Water Sources

Pond/Lake, Well, Irrigation system, Other

Are water rights available to these sources?

Yes, 2 domestic wells

What are the soil types on your property?

Sandy Loam w lot's of rocks.

Onsite Housing


Please describe the available housing:

Studio or Unique Living


Barn or shed for produce, livestock, or equipment storage, Animal pens, Deer fencing, Other fencing, Greenhouse or Hoophouse, Irrigation equipment, Electricity

Would you be willing to mentor or advise the entering farmer or rancher?


Are you currently living on the farm or ranch?


Do you intend to remain on the land?


In your judgment, which crops/agricultural purposes are best suited to your land and which would you support on your land?

Small Animal (pigs, rabbits, poultry), Vegetable, Fruit/Orchard, Other

Please summarize your long-term goals regarding your land:

We are exploring permaculture design & inspired by moving towards being more self-reliant & sustainable. We'd love to continue building more perennial systems that complement animal & other food production.

There is opportunity for someone to lease or partner to create their own market niche in the ecosystem we are creating.

What kind of additional training/information would help you with the transfer process? Please check all that apply and feel free to elaborate below.

Business management, Marketing (local market connections), Production, Financial management, Communication skills, Leadership, Goal setting

Please attach any photos of your farm, infrastructure, or land

Please elaborate on the water source(s):


Please elaborate on current farming/ranching practices

Our focus is building soil to grow nutrient rich food in hopes that will surpass organic quality.