Listing Information

How did you hear about Farm Link?

I am a sponsor.

Land Area

1-5 acres

How many acres are available for agricultural production


Current Use

Vegetable, Fruit/Orchard, Other

Please elaborate on what the property is currently being used for:

The property is bank-owned and appraised for $655,000 in 2018 (ask me for a copy!). Current asking price is much lower than that. Please contact Chris Carparelli for more information. 406-302-1889 or

Current Practices


Land Tenure


Water Sources

Well, Irrigation system

Are water rights available to these sources?

There are 3 well water rights on property for a total of 11.69 acre-feet per year. The Helena Valley Irrigation Canal is also within 100 yards of the property and it may be possible to contract for additional water with HVID.

What are the soil types on your property?

Mix of indoor/greenhouse space and outdoor growing areas. Happy to look up soil survey for the property if you're interested.


Greenhouse or Hoophouse, Electricity, Other

Please further describe the structures or equipment that are available

Six greenhouses with a total area of approximately 37,000 sf. Storage building (1,880 sf), retail building (1,000 sf), multi-use building (1,088 sf), dutch house (2,160 sf), pottery barn (1,800 sf).

Would you be willing to mentor or advise the entering farmer or rancher?


In your judgment, which crops/agricultural purposes are best suited to your land and which would you support on your land?

Vegetable, Fruit/Orchard, Other

Please summarize your long-term goals regarding your land:

I am a licensed real estate agent hoping to find a buyer for this diamond in the rough. This property is not actively listed on any MLS, but the bank has given me permission to market this property to try to find a buyer. I would love to see this property put to use for local food production. We need more of that in Helena! I would be happy to connect you with local restaurants who may be interested purchasing your produce. A buyer could also operate the property as a traditional nursery.

What kind of additional training/information would help you with the transfer process? Please check all that apply and feel free to elaborate below.


Please elaborate on the additional training/information that would help you with the transfer process:

I am able to represent you as a buyer's agent. Buyer will not pay any sales commission, as the bank has offered to pay the commission. I am happy to connect you with local Helena lenders, local Helena restaurants, and the Helena Farmers Market to help get your business going.

Please attach any photos of your farm, infrastructure, or land