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Check all experience and education that apply to you and your farming partners

Agriculture-related college degree, Farm/Crop management (over 3 years), General farming (over 3 years), Other experience/license/agriculture or business training

Other experience/license/agriculture or business training:

I have experience in nursery management, orchard production, poultry production, fruit and vegetable gardening, hay/forage production, equipment repair, irrigation, and organic certification.

Briefly describe your current occupation(s) and responsibilities and list previous agricultural employment and experiences. If you are currently farming or ranching, please state the size, type(s), and location of the operation.

Currently, I work for MT Dept. of Ag as an organic farm inspector. I was a tenant farmer in Arlee, MT for 10 years, but had to give it up for various reasons. It was 80 acres with 40 in irrigated hay/forage. I also raised about 500 pheasant, chickens, turkey, and quail every year; and I had a big vegetable garden for trade and home use. Before that I was in the nursery business for 10 years.


Mineral, Missoula, Ravalli


1-5, 6-10

Type of Operation

Fruit/Orchard, Other

Farming Practices

Organic, Other

Please elaborate on the type(s) of agricultural operation you plan on running.

I am looking for land to lease to grow herbaceous perennials (herds and berries).

Transition Arrangements

Cropshare, Lease, Partnership, Open to other arrangements

If you are interested in another type of business arrangement, please explain

I am open to discussion. Contract management, lease, lease with option to buy. Counties: Sanders, Missoula, Lake, Ravalli, Mineral.

Please elaborate on the kind of additional training/information that would help you:

Any help with money management, marketing, and planning would be very helpful. I am more interested in starting a "farming business", rather than a "farm" in the traditional sense.

Elaborate on the farming practices you plan on using.

Organic methods for perennial cropping systems. Permanent ground covers, regular pruning, and least toxic pest control methods, with the goal of producing marketable crops.