Listing Information

Check all experience and education that apply to you and your farming partners

Farm/Crop management (over 3 years), General farming (over 3 years)

Briefly describe your current occupation(s) and responsibilities and list previous agricultural employment and experiences. If you are currently farming or ranching, please state the size, type(s), and location of the operation.

We are a married ranch couple of 24 years. Currently looking for a ranch to buy or other some sort of hybrid deal. We are flexible in location. Would prefer, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, Utah, Idaho or Wyoming.

For 10 years we owned/operated a remote, diversified Wyoming ranch that included 100 acres of flood irrigated ground. The ranch functioned as a working cattle, horse, hunting preserve, licensed bird farm & ranch vacation cabin rental. Town was a round trip of 160 miles. The ranch income was from the sale of cattle, the sale of polo horse prospects to customers from all over the U.S. and abroad, with some from the ranch vacation cabin rental.

Wildlife management was an important aspect of the ranch. The wildlife included mule deer, whitetail deer, bobcats, coyotes, beavers, many owls, porcupines, skunks, rattle snakes etc. It was also a destination for many migratory bird species.

Much of our time operating the ranch was involved in implementing cutting edge conservation practices that included holistic resource management practices, stream bank restoration projects and sustainable agricultural practices to reduce the need for herbicide applications.


Anaconda-Deer Lodge, Beaverhead, Big Horn, Broadwater, Carbon, Fergus, Gallatin, Granite, Jefferson, Judith Basin, Madison, Meagher, Missoula, Musselshell, Park Livingston, Powder River, Rosebud, Stillwater, Sweet Grass, Treasure, Wheatland, Yellowstone



Type of Operation

Large Animal (cattle, sheep, goats), Small Animal (pigs, rabbits, poultry), Other

Farming Practices


Please elaborate on the type(s) of agricultural operation you plan on running.

A low input cow/calf operation with low input cows that fit the ranches environment. Calving with mother nature in the spring. Limit equipment purchase to one piece of equipment like a compact track steer or skid steer.

If it fits the ranch no haying, stockpile feed and graze hay meadows when appropriate. If hay is needed for emergency winter feed then it will be purchased at the time of year when hay is the least expensive and stored.

Wean calves in the fall at a time that best suits the cows body condition and feed conditions at the time. Take advantage of spring and summer sales to forward contract calves for delivery when appropriate.

Use forage tests to get know the characteristics of the feed and use to develop a mineral program for the livestock that complements the ranches soil and forage base characteristics.

Use proper vaccination protocol for the area.

Use low stress stockmanship livestock handling techniques.

Would like to incorporate other livestock to compliment pasture/range management and for our food.

Would use horses to work and move livestock.

Elaborate on the farming practices you plan on using.

We possess a strong land ethic & commitment to good stewardship of natural resources. We introduced & implemented holistic integrated resource management practices to improve the quality of the grasses, water and overall health on the ranch we had to sell. We implemented riparian habitat & wetland management practices.

Practice regenerative grazing techniques incorporating adaptive planned rotational grazing. Cows will be trained to graze a compact herd, emulating how the bison grazed. Cows trained to graze this way can provide the proper stock density so as to promote soil disturbance which in turn can promote regeneration of the pasture range.

What can you expect from us?

1. Our preference would be to stock the property to its winter carrying capacity.

2. Use of planned rotational grazing in order to improve the range land by having proper stock density (cows trained to graze as a compact herd). Planned moves of the herd so as to leave the correct amount residual graze, so range plants recover easily and thrive. Implemented correctly our techniques will improve soil health, range conditions, increase carrying capacity and increase the value of the land.

3. You could expect, with the property owner’s cooperation, the property to improve w/ regard to grazing, range and soil quality, water development, fencing, corral systems, and wildlife habitat. We would be willing to cost share and/or provide labor for improvement projects. We would also be willing to work the NRCS and the FSA.

Transition Arrangements

Buy/Sell, Cropshare, Lease, Partnership, Open to other arrangements

If you are interested in another type of business arrangement, please explain

Honest, hardworking, humble, energetic, motivated, thoughtful, adaptable, resilient, self-starting, experienced ranch couple, seeking opportunity with absentee owner to manage, lease to own, outright purchase of ranch, grazing lease, ranch rental, farm rental, partnership or structured ownership for a low input cow calf or stocker operation.

Would consider path whereby the current owner may be looking for an exit strategy or would like to transition to retirement and would like to gradually transfer ownership to a couple who would keep the ranch operating as an enduring legacy of the prior owner. We could manage the ranch and provide labor for a percentage of the gross and/or a salary.

We have cash on hand to purchase equity and cows. We are willing to contribute sweat equity, day to day operating and management skills as well.

To start looking for 600-2400+ aums or 50-200+ hd year around basis.

Onsite Housing