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Equine assisted mental health, equine specialist, equine permaculture

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I currently work with horses and use horses in my mental health practice to treat women and veteran's struggling with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and trauma.

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I am interested in flower farming and intensively mananged horse care. Equine permaculture is relatively new concept in the permaculture design world; it brings like minded horse people that want to learn about the principles and implementation of permaculture design and other sustainable farming strategies on their own properties. Australia has created an unique equine permaculture program and training helping to improve horse and pasture management and improving soil conservation, water management and horse health and welfare. I am interested in developing tree fodder systems for North America climate that can deliver additional benefits such as shelter, soil conservation, rough timber and habit.

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I am willing to be flexible and open to alternative business arrangements. I would be most interested in some type of long term lease, lease purchase agreement or contract for deed.

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I am really interested in learning and promoting equine permaculture in the United States. There is very little information about integrating horses and permaculture practices here - how do we design properties that are sustainable for farming and meet the requirements for equine health and welfare i.e creating track systems for horse inter-planted with food producing plants etc?

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