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Apart from my internship in Canada, I have attended a shorter internship with Blue Sky Stewardship and trained with multiple nursery professionals. I have attended many of CFAC"s workshops including their series "Planing For On Farm Success." I have also attended orcharding specific workshops put on by the MSU Extension office.

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I currently work for the Forrest Service. But I grew up on a 80 acre farm in Northern Idaho. We kept horses, grew hay and veggies. I have Woofed/volunteered on many farms in the US and abroad(Missoula,Kalispell,Hawaii, Australia). These operations were a mix of diversified vegetable operations and farms that grew perennial crops. The best training I received came from an internship run by Stefan Sobkowiak. I spent one growing season working on his farm which is just south of Montreal. His mentorship has given me the essential skills that I need to start my own permaculture orchard.




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I would like to have an operation similar to my mentor's farm. He referred to his operation as a permaculture orchard and he sold his fruit using the U-pick model. I am not trying to create a food forest or run an organic orchard. I would say that I would fall somewhere in between the two if they were on a spectrum. I am choosing this because I want to use many permaculture principals but also organize my operation in a way that is more efficient and high yielding.

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There are many permaculture principals that I would like to implement on my farm in order to increase its productivity, sustainability, and beauty. First of all, I will have a large diversity of perennial fruits and vegetable crops(cultivars and species). I will be grafting all of my fruit trees and plan on growing hundreds of unique cultivars of apple, pear, plum, cherry, ect. Interplanted with my trees will be shrubs(berry, nitrogen fixers) and perennial vegetables that will provide fertility, pest control, and additional yields. I would also like to use animals(native and domesticated) like fowl, and bees to further enhance my fertility and pest management. If I am able to create the system I envision then I believe that I could produce most of my own fertility in the soil and have a low or no spray orchard. The the purpose of many of my design elements is to create a growing system that is less dependant on inputs and productive/regenerative in the long term. I am going to stop there because I could endlessly talk about my farm design. If you want to know more just ask.

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