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We are currently grazing a few cows and seasonally we run a hand full of stockers all here in Missoula county. During the growing season we graze the cattle using MIG (Management intensive grazing) moving the cattle at least once a day. Over the years we have really come to see the benefits, but we are always learning and seeking new ways to improve. I have a full time off farm job, working for a general contractor here in Missoula. My father is retired and together we graze the cattle.


Lake, Missoula, Ravalli


11-40, 41-100, 101-500

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Hay & Forage, Large Animal (cattle, sheep, goats), Small Animal (pigs, rabbits, poultry), Dairy, Vegetable, Fruit/Orchard

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We plan on growing our cow herd, and graze some stockers seasonally.

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We aspire to a more holistic practice in the way we raise our livestock. With the cattle we simulate the mobing and moving of the bison on the range. But instead of wolves we use electric fence and our management. We have seen how the pasture thrives by grazing it at the appropriate time and fully recover before grazing it again. Our approach has so many additional benefits, from parasite control for the cattle to increase wildlife habitat. It’s good for the land, it’s good for the people, and good for the community.

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I’m open to other ideas, contact me and we can talk.

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Any and all information and training is always happily received. Everyday we learn something new.