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I have been running Backcountry Science LLC, a geological consulting company for now over 6 years. I have experience with the management of a successful company and after now doing private gardening/hop production for self use. I want to take that passion for farming and make it my career. I am mostly self-taught when it comes to gardening and "hobby" farming. I have given the surplus of wildflowers, tomatoes, and hops to my friends and family, as gifts. I have a passion for growing, maintaining, and sharing the fruits of my hard work. I have volunteered at as many local u-pick farms in the Missoula area and have talked with farmers to get a better grasp on the in and outs of owning and operating a commercial farm. I grew up on my grandfathers(deceased) farm in Iowa. I know the dedication and hard work needed to make a successful farm business. His farm had a soy, corn and hog while I was growing up and I would help in the summers with general operation. I would also help with general book balancing and financing. I will continue to educated myself through Online training/workshops. I was in 4-H throughout my childhood.


Missoula, Ravalli


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Whistling Sage LLC is an exciting new Montana based, female led- family owned agricultural company. We are focused on growing, harvesting, and providing regional families and business with nutritious produce, mushrooms, and wildflower arrangement. Whistling Sage LLC is based on the fundamental principles of conserving natural resources, limiting our carbon foot print, being good land stewards is vital for a healthy community. Owner Sarah Sue Duffy has a lifelong love of growing and being community involvement. It is very important for her to meet the growing needs of our community. Whistling Sage LLC is a start-up grower of various fruits and vegetables, mushrooms and wildflowers.

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I am currently seeking financing through FSA. I also have a website that I put together for my "winter business" and farm.

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