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MSU Extension Agent- Agriculture for 3 years

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MSU Extension Roosevelt County Agriculture Agent. I have a B.S. and M.S. in Animal Science. During my university time I worked a calving internship, took two senior level range management courses, as well upper level courses in beef cattle management, dairy cattle management and ruminant nutrition; I also took graduate level courses in ruminant nutrition, as well as consulted on the University of Idaho Beef and private ranches and dairies. I graduated with honors and belong to Gamma Sigma Delta and am beef cattle certified by the American Registry of Professional Animal Science. My master's degree work was in ruminant nutrition, specifically silage preservation and utilization. As an extension agent I have helped organize multiple livestock programs (as well as attending many others) including the Bovine Connection and working with the NRCS, Roosevelt Conservation District and Roosevelt Weed District to start a range tour. I am also a veteran and have attended the Armed to Farm program.


Madison, Richland, Roosevelt, Sheridan, Sweet Grass



Type of Operation

Hay & Forage, Large Animal (cattle, sheep, goats)

Farming Practices


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Market goat operation, utilizing Spanish with Boer influenced goats. Kidding will be in May with kids marketed in mid fall under contract to processors in the Midwest who specialize in catering to the growing immigrant population. The demand for goat meat is increasing dramatically, with around 65% of all goat meat imported. Processors are finding it difficult to meat demand and are willing to pay top prices under contract. Additionally, to both maximize grazing and to diversify income we will have small number of angus cows and heifers. These will be artificially inseminated with top quality wagyu semen using a heat synchronization protocol. Thirty two days after AI, ultrasound will be performed, and open cows and heifers will be resynchronized and inseminated again. The aim will be to calve heifers around the 1st of April and Cows around the first of May with a 45 day calving window. All cows that require a second AI will be culled at weaning. Cows will be managed for a mature weight of 1250 pounds and selected based upon feed efficiency. Steers will be grass fed for 18 months and then finished 4-6 month without added hormones and then direct marketed.

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