Listing Information

Check all experience and education that apply to you and your farming partners

Agriculture-related college degree, Farm/Crop management (over 3 years), Informal apprenticeship, General farming (over 3 years)

Briefly describe your current occupation(s) and responsibilities and list previous agricultural employment and experiences. If you are currently farming or ranching, please state the size, type(s), and location of the operation.

My full time job is a sales manager for Meissenburg Designs in Bigfork. Last several seasons, we have grown vegetables south of Pablo. We sell our products at the farmers markets in St. Ignatius and Ronan (Coyote Farms). As well as a few restaurants in the area. I was employed at Glacier Nursery in Creston for 4 seasons. Have a degree in wildlife/natural resource management (Hocking College). Have worked on more farms than I can recall; everything from planting to harvesting.

Counties of interest

Flathead, Lake


1-5, 6-10

Planned Operation

Large Animal (cattle, sheep, goats), Vegetable, Fruit/Orchard, Other

Farming Practices

Organic, Other

Please elaborate on the type(s) of agricultural operation you plan on running.

We would like to concentrate on small vegetable production. Selling direct to consumer at farmers markets etc. We love to grow heirloom varieties. Our claim to fame is our Black Krim tomatoes. We are wanting to start selling our salsa's and hot sauces at local vendors. We also raise horses.

Elaborate on the farming practices you plan on using.

We grow as naturally as we can. We respect water usage and focus on being as renewable as possible. Everything in our lives focuses on these principles.

Land Tenure

Lease, Open to other arrangements

If you are interested in another type of business arrangement, please explain

We would prefer onsite housing, but can be flexible. Looking for the right opportunity! 5 year lease with a option to buy would be ideal.

Please elaborate on the kind of additional training/information that would help you:

We would like to start canning our products for resale.

Please attach any photos that support your application.