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Currently self employed as a Remote Online Notary.

A majority of my 20's was spent as agricultural apprentices across Oregon and Washington, ranging from duck farms to classic animal farms, microdairies, CSA's and hobby farms. I moved to Havre Montana in March of 2018 to work for Vilicus Farms, an organic 7000 acre dryland wheat and lentil farm. I then came to Bozeman to work for Strike Farms. Strike Farms has since gone out of business due to over expansion and Vilicus is experiencing similar difficulties. Between all of my farm experiences I Have 4+ years spread acroess a variety of operations.

Most importantly, I have learned exactly what I want as a farmer, and what works and what doesn't.



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I am looking for 1-2 acres for a soft opening for my operation. The system I intend on utilizing is very particular. I intend to market to grocers and restaurants. My first year will not be dealing with farmers markets, as they are way to much work to be worthwhile.

I would focus my operatoin catering to grocers and restaurants. My farm will grow heirlooms exclusively to maximize genetic potential. I will specialize in heirloom crops and nightshades particularly, as their is a great demand for those kind of produce in Bozeman. These are low-startup markets that I can get myself into. As time goes on I'd like to expand into medicinal roots and mushrooms, as those moarkets require a higher start-up. As my operations grows I'd like to serve farmers markets and CSA's and everything becomes more streamlined.

But first and foremost, the absolute most important thing to to my farm is minerally enriched soils and food. Having fertile soil RICH in minerals is Absolutely Monumental to all life, not just humans. Unfortunately, we have entire generations of humans who have never encountered minerally enriched nutrient dense foods. Organic food is very rarely nutrient dense.

Elaborate on the farming practices you plan on using.

Over the years I have developed a battery of questions that let me know what ones agriculturals intentions are.
That question is, "why do you want to become a farmer?"

I ask that because the answers varies world wide. If you ask a farmer from a 3rd world country, theyll tell you its because its the only way to earn a living. If you ask the average farmer, and the average farmer is 58 years old, theyll say its because its the only thing theyve ever done.

But if you ask a millenial why they want to farm, if you were to ask someone like me, its because I understand that malnutrition is root of all dis-ease. That the great plains of the United States was made fertile from rock dust generated from colossal glaciers moving across the continent.

But, that mineral content is gone. Its been eroded away in the dust bowl era, then sterilized with chemical agriculture. As a result, we have generation of people who never encountered nutrient dense foods enriched with minerals. They have never eatten healthy food, because healthy soils no longer exist. They simply do not, unless they are Intentionaly stewarded by an educated farmer. Otherwise, organic food you eat contains no trace minerals that the body needs to thrive.

I intend to remineralize the land in ways that the typical farmer does not.

Theres 2 categories of farmers. There are producers, and consumers.
A farmer consumer purchases everything. They rely on commercial business to provide their fertilizers, their feritlity, theyre livelihood, and do not know how to farm outside of being a dependent consumer of fertilizer companies, organic or otherwise.

Then theres the producers, and those are the farmers who know how adapt to situations, understand microbiolgy and know how to create their own microbial formulas, know how to create their own micronutrients, know how to create their own high quality fertilizers, and know how to grow food through more than on way. The farmer who produces does are very rare in this country, but they are prominent in many other non-western countries such as Korean, the Phillipines, Japan, India etc.

Minerally enriched soils is the most important thing of any farmer. If a farmer isn't focusing on mineral content, the food that farmer is growing will not heal the human body. It will not reinvigorate the cells with the valuable micronutrients they need for proper metabolism. Without proper metabolism, soil life and animal life cannot function as intended. it will always be bogged down with incessant illness and non-optimized physical and mental performance.

I intend to remedy the epidemic of nutrionless soils by focusing on rock dust mineralization. Dirt is ground up parent material. By combining volcanic and glacial rock dust, basalt dust for paramagnetic properties, and by incorporating high levels of microbial activity to chelate the insoluable rock dust into dense nutrients that the soil biota can assimiliate, the plant life in turn will benefit from the mineral injection of the soil, and ultimately those who eat those foods.

So I intend to create minerally enriched farmland by means of volcanic and glacial and basalt rock dust, processed by microbial life for instant nutrient injection.

But the soil biota is a topic in and of intself. For that, I intend to stray form Western Hemisphere standard. In my years of research, i've come to learn that USA has the poorest standards of nutrition and health in the developed world.

For my agricultural modalities I lend credence to Korean Natural Farming. Have developed the skillset to be able to create world-class farm inputs for pennies on the dollar. Korean Natural Farming is by far the most in-depth and complete agricultural system I have come across. KNF also provides the tools necessary to create the most microbially active compost on the face of the planet. Korean Natural Farming is not based of ionic water-soluable fertilizers that common Organic Agriculture. Traditional NPK is very low quality fertilizer, and purchasing those fertilizers oftentimes goes on to support Confined Animal Factory Farms, and GMOs indirectly. Traditional and common practice fertilizers are not conducive to soil, environmental, or social-political health. I abhor organic farmers that purchase fertilizers that support CAFOs and GMOs. Those arent farmers, those are consumers.

By means of mineral injection of rock dust into the soil by means of high microbial activity, which will be accomplished by Korean Natural Farming, JADAM, Bokashi and advanced science of Biodynamics, with philosophy borrowed from Subhash Palekars Natural Farming, and the scientific guidance from the worlds leading agricultural scientist in enzymes,, micronutrients, biofertilizers and other biostimulants, I envision a farm system unlike any that Montana has ever seen. I envision rich in terra pretta, a farmer who can manufacture mineraly enriched fertilizers and other world-class regional dependent inputs for widespread distribution to benefit his fellow growers. The typical American organic farmer take advantage of the agricultural world at large. I am well versed in the next era of agriculture.

My system willl be built from the ground up. From water processing and quality control via vortex brewing and water conditioning to Dosatron fertigation systems and scheduled foliar sprays, I intend to take innovative multi faceted approaches to soil and plant health.

Please elaborate on the kind of additional training/information that would help you:

Mostly setting up a tax structure for an LLC.