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My family is moving to Missoula MT in July, my husband is attending graduate school at the University as a PhD student. I want to rent a small section of land, 1 - 5 acres near town for a few beehives, culinary and medicinal herbs, and a family vegetable garden. If possible, I might also put in a small portable chicken coop for my own eggs eventually. I want to sell honey, fresh herbs and handmade skincare products/candles/home cleaning supplies locally and online. Since we are going to be living in student houseing for a few years before we purchase our own land and build a house, I would love to find a nearby land owner with a few spare acres who would be happy to have some pollinators for their own crops or garden. It will be a very small operation and would be happy with whatever arrangement will work for you.



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My operation will be more permaculture in style. I will not be using any conventional fertilizers, chemicals or pesticides. It won't necessarily be organic though.

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Since I will be growing primarily herbs, I will plant crops that will support one anothers growth and attract bees. I will also have a few beehives that will be housed a few top bar hives and traditional langstroth hives. Because of this, I want to avoid using anything that may harm the bees or effect the quality of the honey and beeswax.

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I am willing to discuss a variety of options. Year leases, monthly rent, product trade or owner financing sales.