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Broadwater, Gallatin, Jefferson, Lewis & Clark, Park Livingston

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Hay & Forage, Grain, Large Animal (cattle, sheep, goats), Dairy, Vegetable, Fruit/Orchard

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Whitetail Ranch Center is going to be a long-term residential working ranch for Veterans with PTSD. Currently on our Board of Directors and Advisory Board we have folks who have a lifetime of farming/ranching experience. In addition to our team members who have grown up farming and ranching, several of our Advisory Board members have undergraduate degrees in Agricultural Management and Teaching.


41-100, 101-500

Farming Practices


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Whitetail Ranch Center will offer a plethora of agricultural programming for its Veterans. We are happy to share our business plan with folks who are interested, but below are the programs we will have described briefly:
-Equine Facilitated Therapy: large barn and corral to house horses
-Vegetable and Fruit Production for Added-Value Products: Once fully operational, we will have 24 high tunnels on our property to produce fruits and vegetables not only for our residents, but to create added-value products to sell at farmers markets, to restaurants, and grocery stores throughout the state.
-Hog and Poultry: We will have both a hog and poultry production on our site that we will utilize similarly to our fruit and vegetable production--feed our residents and sell the rest to local families, vendors, restaurants, and stores.
-Cattle Production: eventually, we plan to have a cow/calf production however to start we will have our beef production start out small.

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We are open minded to leasing, partnerships, and discussing different options with land owners to ensure that our program is a success!

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Our largest battle currently is funding. We have raised over $225,000 to go towards a down payment on property, but we are having trouble deciding where to go next. Loans? Federal funding? Leasing? etc. Financing options would be great for us to expand our horizons.