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I am currently a student at MSU and am looking for a bit of farmland to lease around Bozeman to pursue and develop knowledge in my passion of traditional farming. This approach to farming focusses on building a business from the ground up(literally). It focusses on utilizing every aspect of a production system to better the land and yield of a farm. I have a fair amount of free time to pursue this passion of mine and am prepared for the work. I grew up on a cattle ranch in Eastern Montana and I have produced Pigs, Cattle, Sheep, Chickens, Rabbits, and Goats while maintaining a large garden throughout my childhood and young adult life. Entering my senior year at MSU I find myself being drawn back to food production and am looking for an opportunity to get a head start on my production systems while still in school.


41-100, 101-500

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Traditional, this is not conventional or organic it is simply holistic in that every aspect of my production system would interact and benefit the others.

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Holistic traditional farming utilizes all the products of the farm to benefit the other areas of production. I am open to any ideas as I am not planning on organic or restricted practice farming.

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I am willing to lease at a fair price but other arrangements can be made as well. I am also passionate about food education and plan on bettering the land I lease so with that in mind I am open to other arrangements.

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This is my first time pursuing the use of land other than my own and any information about how this will work would be greatly helpful.