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I was raised in Frenchtown, MT and earned a degree in Business Management from MSU in Bozeman. While there, I did a work-trade at Harvest House Farm in Gallatin Gateway. When I moved to Hamilton, I started working for Homestead Organics, which is where I am now. I also was the manager of Loyal to Local Coop, coordinating the 17 producer CSA, and also I helped out briefly at Great Bear Native Plants. In addition to farming, I am also a yoga instructor and Clinical Herbalist. I am looking for a small farm to grow veggies and herbs close to Hamilton/Corvallis.


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Ideally, I would like to be certified organic, although that may not happen for the first few years. In this case, I still plan on using organic practices. Mainly, I'm looking to grow vegetables, herbs, fruit and create some value added products. In addition, I am looking to create a teaching farm and space. Classes would range from yoga, to cooking, to herbalism.

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Currently we are looking for a small property to buy (possibly build on) with a little bit of farm land to get started. Although I am interested in leasing, ideally I could buy a small portion of a farm.

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My experience farming has taught me about growing/planting/harvesting, but the items listed above are the ones I would like to learn more about. For example, how to branch out and make more value-added products. I am looking for a way to make a living without the usual hustle of going to farmer's markets every Saturday, and find new ways of income. I want to find a way small farms can work together rather than compete for a small amount of market sales.