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I am the owner operator of a successful organic vegetable farm in Kalispell, MT. I oversee all aspects of planning, infrastructure, production and sales for a 225 member CSA, 1 high volume farmer's market, a weekly farm stand, and partnership with local independent grocers. My farm is on a lease that doesn't have the option for me to buy the land, to own any structures I build on a concrete foundation (such as an updated packshed), or to build a permanent home for me and my children. The only reason I want to find a new farm is for longeevity and security of land ownership/and or a long term land lease. to see more about the farm.


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To see my current farm you can visit I love small scale minimal tillage CSA farming and am passionate about a career in sustainable agriculture, being a leader in my community, and being an employer of integrity.

If you are interested in another type of business arrangement, please explain

My preference is land ownership. In part, because of the incredibly small amount of female farmers worldwide that are land owners. I would prefer that statistic to be going the other direction. Also, as a career farmer land ownership offers equity and security. That stated, I would be open to a cooperative relationship and conversation about a long term lease aggrement.

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I am an experienced organic farmer of 8 years. I could absolutely use help with planning for moving my current farm and supporting myself and my three children while also earning a living wage and saving for retirement.

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