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I own and operate YES Compost LLC a food-waste vermicomposting company. We collect food wastes from Bozeman, Belgrade, and Big Sky, thermophilically (hot) compost them for 2-3 months and then feed them to red wiggler composting worms. Our end product is YES Worm Castings a nutrient rich soil amendment and organic fertilizer (still working on OMRI cert.) We collect around 10,000 lbs of food waste each week which turns into roughly 15-20 yards of compost per month. We mix in wood-based carbon materials (dust, chips, finished compost) to maximize the speed of composting. We manage the oxygen by turning/aerating with a skid steer 1-2 times each week, and we manage the moisture to keep it in an ideal range for the microbial populations that are responsible for the decomposition.


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Our current facility is located on leased property (old gravel pit with a compacted soil work surface) that will eventually be developed. We are looking for a place where we can invest in / utilize some infrastructure to maximize the quality of our end products. Ideally we create/use a 50' x 100' impermeable work surface with the ability to build a 1000-2000 sqft enclosure next to this surface. The improved composting system will capture the latent heat from the thermophilic cycle of the initial composting and use it to produce hot water. This water will then be used to heat the warehouse/barn/shelter located on site that houses our worm operation. This technology will allow us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint and be a demonstration facility for what is possible with this alternative energy source; compost! We are working with Agrilab Technologies to utilize their heat capture technology. The worm operation will be scaled to produce far more worm castings and other soil products at an affordable price for organic and conventional farmers that are looking to re-invigorate dead and unproductive soils.

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We would like to reach as many levels of the agriculture industry, from home gardeners to large scale producers in the area.

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University of Maine Extension program - "Entrepreneurship in Composting"