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I've worked at and directed all activities at a large therapeutic ranch in North Dakota for three years.

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I own and operate a small therapeutic ranching operation that focuses on teaching people who have experienced trauma, particularly children in the foster care system in Montana, life skills through horsemanship. Using relationships with horses, our clients/patients learn how to regulate, create healthy relationships, and gain confidence. And the horses get some darn good training out of it, too.


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We are interested in ranching.

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We are interested in ranching.

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We are also able to run our operation while the landowners are still in occupancy, or even running their own operation, as long as we are able to ensure privacy for our clients. We are also able to partner with other operations to use space and horses wisely.

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While I have experience in ranching and horsemanship, I am primarily a mental health clinician. I would benefit greatly from understanding the unique financial challenges that come with ranching and agriculture work.

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