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We currently operate a 50 family CSA and 5 weekly roadside stands. We farm just under 1 acre, using no-till, , natural, intensive market garden practices. This is a farm that we built from scratch, including fencing, beds, two greenhouses, irrigation, walk-in cooler, etc. Our current farm is located in Granite County between Clinton and Drummond. We handled all aspects of the farm management.


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We are planning on farming using our current practices (no-till, regenerative, intensive planting, naturally grown) to grow vegetables to increase food security in Granite and Powell County. We have worked to offer SNAP, Double SNAP, WIC, and SFMNP programs to help community members with access. We would like to have 3-4 greenhouses, 2-3 acres of vegetable crops, with an on-site farm stand and processing building. With the right location we would like to add berries and eventually fruit trees. We would also have a small apiary.

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We would love to share resources with other agricultural producers in the area. This could be a tool share, co-leasing, infrastructure sharing, farm stand access, etc. We would also be happy to facilitate a community garden or even classes for adults or local schools.

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We can always use training in all areas!

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