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Biochar (carbon soil amendment) production and processing

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I do research into regenerative agriculture for a foundation. I currently make biochar from peach and cherry tree prunings at an orchard site. I have a Master's Degree in Agriculture (Agronomy) from New Mexico State University and have worked as a laborer on organic farms in California.



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I plant to plant vegetables like lettuce, broccoli, kale, onions, carrots, beets, and garlic on small acreage (0.5 to 1 acre). I would also like to start a small tree nursery. However, my main business focus will be producing biochar (carbonized biomass) from tree and crop waste. Biochar is a carbon-based soil amendment that has been shown to increase crop yield by 15-30%. I will make the biochar in open-air conical kilns that are very contained and produce little to no smoke when operating. The biochar will be processed (ground and combined with nutrient/minerals and organics like compost) and bagged for sale. I will apply biochar to the crop field and tree containers to increase yields and to demonstrate its benefits.

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I'm interested in a crop share agreement or a lease agreement.

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Exploring potential markets for biochar and vegetable/tree crops. Obtaining organic certification.

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