Listing Information

Check all experience and education that apply to you and your farming partners

Farm/Crop management (3 years or less), General farming (over 3 years)

Briefly describe your current occupation(s) and responsibilities and list previous agricultural employment and experiences. If you are currently farming or ranching, please state the size, type(s), and location of the operation.

I ran my own organic vegetable CSA for a year in PA. It was on 1.5 acres with my sister. Currently, I just moved to Missoula and am piecemealing jobs together. For the last 5 seasons I have been farming. I apprenticed for 2 years on a farming in Western MA. Then I started a market garden for a catering business in DC. After that my sister and I ran our own CSA for a year. The farming was successful but the land was a temporary lease. Then last year I was an assistant farm manager


Flathead, Missoula


1-5, 6-10, 11-40

Type of Operation

Large Animal (cattle, sheep, goats), Small Animal (pigs, rabbits, poultry), Vegetable, Fruit/Orchard

Farming Practices

Organic, Other

Please elaborate on the type(s) of agricultural operation you plan on running.

Large animal, small animal, vegetable, fruits. I would like to run a 3 acre vegetable CSA. Preferably it would be a place where people could do on-farm pickups, much of what I love about farming is teachinga nd educating people around food. I would also like to start a small orchard, and have chickens, pigs, and some cows.

Elaborate on the farming practices you plan on using.

Organic. I believe in no spray practices and maintaining good soil fertility using natural food and animal compost

Transition Arrangements

Buy/Sell, Cropshare, Lease

Onsite Housing