Listing Information

Type of farm or business

Grain, Other

Please elaborate on the type of farm you have

We are a diverse organic operation with a 5-7 year rotation of small grains, legumes, broadleaves/oilseeds. We like to grow things others don't. Land stewardship is core to our business.

If farming/ranching, select your primary market channels:

Commodity, Other

Please elaborate on your marketing strategy

We have unique relationships direct with organic food companies.

Type of Network

Beginning farmers starting a business on my land, Email consultations, Phone consultations, Event hosting, i.e. hosting groups of beginning farmers for events or learning opportunities, Other options to be determined by mentor and mentee

Please describe the situations in which you would charge a fee and your expected rate (e.g. hourly, seasonal, annual rates, fees for long-term mentorship, fees for in-person meetings, etc.).

The first contact hour via video or phone is free. The mentee is free to spend this first hour on what ever line of questioning would be most helpful to them. If after the first hour of contact, additional engagement is desired then fees will be determined based on the level and type of engagement.
Generally, phone/video chat consultations will be billed at $125/hour. Longer term engagements and farm visits will be billed on a negotiated lump sum basis.


Grain, Crop rotation/planning, Cover crops, Organics, Harvest and handling, Machinery and equipment, Farm safety, Business planning, Financial management, Farm accounting, Time management, On-farm efficiency, Recordkeeping, Employee/intern management, Business structures, Legal issues, Marketing, Direct marketing, Wholesale Markets, Scaling up, Leasing land, Buying land, Alternative land access scenarios, Site assessment, Land rehabilitation/Soil-building, Other

Focus of Mentorship

We want to work with individuals who are interested in farming in a rural area with a focus on land stewardship and conservation. While our business is organic crop production we have opportunities to support the start-up of other ventures (for example: livestock, farm to table restaurant, native seed production) for individuals who are committed to a longer term relations.

How many years have you been farming, if applicable?

We started our farm from scratch in 2009 using all of USDA's Beginning Farmer programs. We have been able to grow our business from 1280 acres to 5000+ using creative marketing and conservation.

Are there times that are better for you to provide mentorship?

The off-season is best. However, this is flexible depending on the mentoring situation.