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Type of farm or business


Please elaborate on the type of farm you have

Farmers Market

Type of Network

Email consultations, Phone consultations, Other options to be determined by mentor and mentee


Business planning, Farm accounting, Marketing, Direct marketing, Value-added products, Other

Focus of Mentorship

We can help prepare you to sell your product at Missoula Farmers' Market. We can answer questions about market regulations (as well as other relevant regulations), evaluate your market setup and suggest improvements, and provide insight into niche opportunities. We can also direct you to additional resources you may need, both in Missoula and online (such as business planning resources, financing resources, relevant workshops, etc.).

How many years have you been farming, if applicable?

Missoula Farmers' Market was founded in 1972.

Are there times that are better for you to provide mentorship?

Prior to opening day, although we're available throughout the season.