Listing Information

Type of farm or business

Farm Service Provider

Type of Network

Being paired with a beginning farmer who I keep in touch with on a monthly basis, Farm site evaluation, helping a beginning farmer assess a potential farm site, Event hosting, i.e. hosting groups of beginning farmers for events or learning opportunities, Other options to be determined by mentor and mentee

Please describe the situations in which you would charge a fee and your expected rate (e.g. hourly, seasonal, annual rates, fees for long-term mentorship, fees for in-person meetings, etc.).

No initial fee. The main services I am offering is free assistance filling out the paperwork for organic certification, and assistance with setting up an NOP compliant record keeping system for new or experienced farmers. After the system plan is submitted, and the farm has been through its first organic inspection, and is certified, the volunteer contract ends. After that, if the farmer wants more assistance, we can negotiate a deal. I have a full time job, so I can only take one or two clients at a time.


Organics, Recordkeeping, Site assessment, Land rehabilitation/Soil-building

Focus of Mentorship

On-site assessments, crop planning, pest control, organic methods and allowed materials, assistance completing the paperwork associated wtih organic certification, and assistance setting up an NOP compliant record keeping system - hand written or electronic. Guidane on getting through the first organic inspection.

How many years have you been farming, if applicable?

I farmed hay and game birds for 10 yeras, also had a large veg garden and fruit trees. I have been an Organic Farm Inspector since 2005. Currently working for the MT Organic Certification Program.

Are there times that are better for you to provide mentorship?

Evenings and weekends are ok. With advance appointment, almost any day, and time can work.