What if I don’t have land or a farm plan yet?

No problem! The topics covered in PFOS are useful at any stage of the business development process. If you don’t know what you will produce yet, you will learn how to tell if an idea is a good one. If you already know what you want to do, you can start working on the details of your plan in class. It is a good idea to choose a product for the worksheets at each class. This will help you practice the skills while you are with experts who can answer your questions.

Is this just for small farms and vegetable growers?

No way! This series teaches skills that are necessary for running any farm or ranch business. We want you to understand how to market your crops and track farm records to get the best profit for your hard work. In PFOS you will learn how to develop a product for direct and innovative market channels where you can receive a higher percentage of the dollars spent by the consumer. You’ll hear examples of farmers and ranchers doing this with grain, beef, vegetables, orchards and more!

Can I log in to the webinars from home?

Surveys of beginning farmers and ranchers have identified access to networks as one of the top five challenges in starting an ag business. The classroom setting of PFOS ensures that you get an opportunity to meet your others who are starting farms in your community and experienced local producers who can help and mentor you as you build your business.

How do i get a PFOS class in my community?

We want everyone in Montana to have access to PFOS workshops. If you want to see this series hosted in your neck of the woods (or plains!), here’s three things you can do:

  1. Send an email to Dave at CFAC to let us know you are interested
  2. Contact you local extension agent and let them know you would sign up for a PFOS series if it was hosted in your area
  3. Talk to other people in your area who might be interested. We find that at least 10 people makes for rich class discussion and networking opportunities.

Why isn’t PFOS free?

At CFAC, we think that farmers and ranchers have valuable skills and we value their time. Each PFOS workshop includes local speakers who have taken the time and often travelled a distance to be there to share their experience. We compensate them

Why is the acronym PFOS instead of PFOFS?

PFOFS is kind of a mouthful and PFOS is way more fun to say! Planning For On-farm Success… close enough!