Which category on the listing map is right for me?

Click on a tab based on what you are looking for. Looking for a new farmer to lease or buy your land? Click on the “New Farmers” tab. Looking for farmland to rent or purchase? Click on the “Farm Land” tab. Looking for a farm to work on this summer? Click on the “Farm Work” tab. In search of a Farmer Mentor or other resources? Click on the “Network” tab. Learn more about the Network tab below. 

What can I find using the Network tab?

Use the Network tab to search for Farmer Mentors, Service Providers, or Membership Organizations. Service Providers and Membership Organizations can provide mentoring, but also many other resources! You can search the listings based on the information you need. For example, if you need help with Organic Certification you can search for a Farmer Mentor who has experience with Organics. Or if you want to find a local service provider or membership organization serving your county, search for those groups based on the county you live in. The Network tab is still under construction as we update listings, check back soon!

Can I save my customized map for later?

Yes! Now when you are doing a search for farms that are hiring or looking for land to purchase, you can save the map that you create. No more filtering through all the listing each time, just add the filters you want and then save the map! You can copy the link provided and save it. Every time you click on that link it will bring you directly back to the map you created!

How do I contact people about their listing?

You can contact a listing’s owner by filling out and submitting the Contact Form located on the right side of the listing. This feature helps protect people’s contact information while also making it faster and easier for you to contact them. No need to copy and paste their email and then go and send them an email, just fill out the Contact Form and wait for a reply! Once you have reached out to someone via the Contact Form they will respond and you can both share the appropriate contact information.

Can I contact people through the Contact Form multiple times, if I do not hear back?

Yes, you can send multiple messages through the contact form, and these messages will go directly to the owner of the listing. If you send them multiple messages and they are not responding, send CFAC an email.

Why do you ask Farm Link Montana users to fill out an evaluation every year?

We are constantly making changes and improving the Farm Link Montana site, and we rely on our users (people like you!) to tell us what they would like to see change on the site. Have some good ideas you would like to share with us? Send us an email!