March.main_cabbage_seedling(Jacob Cowgill)
Photo by Jacob Cowgill

Land Link connects beginning and expanding farmers and ranchers with retiring farmers and ranchers and other landowners who want to see their land stay in agriculture. We understand that many landowners feel a strong connection to the land and have a sense of responsibility for its stewardship. They want to see it continue to be farmed but may not know any farmers who are looking to get started or expand existing operations. Similarly, we know that accessing affordable farmland is one of the biggest barriers to entry facing beginning farmers and one of the biggest barriers to established farmers who want to stay competitive and expand.

Since its launch in 2006, Land Link has provided a forum for many conversations between these parties and has helped many beginning farmers begin their land search. Think of it as a Craigslist for like-minded folks! While we originally operated only in Western Montana, we are excited that via the Farm Link Montana site, Land Link will now be operating as a statewide program, offering land seekers a much greater diversity of types, sizes, and locations for their farmland search.

For more information on the program, visit the links to the right to learn more about the program, apply to have your land listed in the program, and view our current listings.