Production planning covers all of the details surrounding how your farm operation will produce products for market. This can include considering the production capacity of your land, the varietals or breeds you select for your climate and production practices, the types of equipment, buildings, and facilities you have or need, your production practices, and more. While the best tools for planning are personal experience, either from your own farm or working on similar farms nearby your land, there are a number of state and national resources that can help you work through the various things you should consider.

One of the most important things (if not the most important thing) you will need to consider is your land. Check out our resources on land access and evaluation to learn about resources that can help you evaluate your land’s soil, water, and other attributes.

For a variety of agricultural statistics, contact the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service, which partners with a variety of organizations to provide timely, accurate, and useful statistics in service to US Agriculture.

MSU Extension Resources

Pesticide Safety and Education

Cecil Tharp: Pesticide Safety, (406) 994-5067

Land Resources and Environmental Sciences

Jane Mangold: Rangeland and Invasive Weed Management, 406-994-5513

Clain Jones: Soil Fertility, 406-994-6076

Fabian Menalled: Cropland Weeds, 406-994-5883

Schutter Diagnostic Lab

Laurie Kerzicnik: Entomology-horticulture, 406-994-5704

Mary Burrows: Plant Pathology-agronomy, 406-994-7766

Eva Grimme: Plant Pathology-horticulture, 406-994-5150

Kevin Wanner: Entomology-Agronomy, 406-944-5653

Noelle Orloff: Plant ID 406-944-6297