Montana Wheat and Barley Committee

It is the mission of the MWBC to protect and foster the health and prosperity of the Montana wheat and barley industry by: Encouraging scientific research to improve production and quality; Maintaining current markets; Promoting new market development; and Serving as an educational and informational resource.

Montana State Grain Lab

The Montana State Grain Laboratory, located in Great Falls, is the only federally licensed crop quality testing facility in the state of Montana. Producers have the right to request official analysis at the State Grain Lab to assure unbiased testing for grain and seed quality and grade.

Northern Montana Pulse Advisory Committee

Created by a vote of Montana pulse crop producers, the Pulse Crop Research & Market Development Program was put into place to address pulse producer need and issues in Montana. The program is funded by a check-off on all Montana grown dry peas, lentils, chickpeas and fava beans.

Montana Cool Season Pulse Production Guide

This publication by MSU Extension provides current knowledge on best management practices for production of dry pea, lentil, and chickpea for producers in the state of Montana. The authors have included basic information needed for successful production of these pulse crops as well as links to more detailed or current information on the Web.