Agricultural Pesticide Safety

This website provides information and resources pertaining to agricultural pesticide safety and practices, including state and federal laws and regulations

Assessing Ground Water Contamination

Consider the variety of products commonly used in households and on farms – paints, solvents, oils, cleaners, wood preservatives, batteries, adhesives, and pesticides. If not handled and disposed of properly, these products can contaminate ground water.

Extracting Stuck Equipment Safely, How to Avoid Expensive and Painful Incidents

This publication examines the ratings of towing devices, factors to consider before you pull out stuck equipment or vehicles, and when calling a professional wrecker service is warranted. The goal is that, after reading this, equipment operators will be better equipped with the knowledge to safely and effectively extract stuck vehicles without injuring the drivers, bystanders, equipment, or the environment.

Low-Cost Health Care for Farm Workers

For over forty years, Ag Worker Health and Services has provided low-cost, primary and preventive healthcare to those who work in agriculture. From dental cleanings to vaccines, Well Woman Exams to Behavioral Health Counseling, the clinic offers affordable options to the hardworking people that help bring food to the table. For more information about services offered and eligibility, call your nearest office in Billings, Lolo, Dillon, and Fairview.