Montana State University Extension is a great asset for questions you may have about production on your farm. There are local Extension agents in communities across the state and there are a number of additional specialists located in Bozeman and in other communities. The list below includes many of those specialists and their contact information. For a full list of Extension resources, visit the Extension Directory.

Animal and Range Sciences

Emily Glunk: Forage

Rachel Endecott: Beef Cattle

Shannon John J Moreaux: Equine

Tommy Bass: Livestock Environment and Sustainability

Jeff Mosley: Rangeland Management

Whit Stewart: Sheep


Pesticide Safety and Education

Cecil Tharp: Pesticide Safety

Land Resources and Environmental Sciences

Jane Mangold: Rangeland and Invasive Weed Management

Clain Jones: Soil Fertility

Fabian Menalled: Cropland Weeds

Schutter Diagnostic Lab

Laurie Kerzicnik: Entomology-horticulture

Mary Burrows: Plant Pathology-agronomy

Eva Grimme: Plant Pathology-horticulture

Kevin Wanner: Entomology-Agronomy

Noelle Orloff: Plant ID