We offer personalized Technical Assistance to beginning farmers & ranchers. We work with folks in all stages of business, from visioning to launch to scaling up, & focus on small-scale, diversified, direct marketing, & local food or ag-based businesses. We are happy to meet with you in person, over the phone, or digitally, depending on your location and preference. We can offer a wealth of resources and information, including connections to local farmers, ranchers, and landowners in your area. All one-on-one services are provided at no cost. 


We can help you:


  • Create business, marketing, or financial plans for your farm business
  • Connect you to resources regarding crop planning and production techniques
  • Hone your vision, set realistic goals, & ensure accountability
  • Review & complete financing applications
  • Navigate the process of accessing land
  • Find land to purchase or lease
  • Write or negotiate a Lease (for more negotiation services, see what we offer here!)
  • Work through an issue with your landlord (for more mediation services, see what we offer here!)
  • Work through an issue with your tenant (for more mediation services, see what we offer here!)
  • Find grants or write a grant for your farm
  • Incorporate LEAN farming techniques on your farm
  • Learn how to market your crops and business to consumers
  • Navigate the Organic Certification process
  • Answer questions about farming implements, hand tools, and production materials and sourcing


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Note: We try to respond as quickly as possible, but please allow 1 week to hear back from us. Thank you!

Questions? Please email mary@cfacmontana.org