The primary goal of insurance is to protect your assets from claims and lawsuits that may result from injury to persons or damage to property from accidents that are associated with your business. Effective risk management depends on combined efforts and close communication between yourself and your insurance company. Look for an agent with whom you are comfortable, who is well known and respected, who understands agriculture and businesses, and who will work with you to reduce your potential for risk. Module 7: Risk Management describes various kinds of insurance and their applications.

Guide to Farm Insurance

This section from Guide to Farming in NY offers a good list of the types of insurance you should consider and how they differ, including farmowner’s insurance, supplemental and liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, health insurance, and crop insurance.

Agricultural Business Insurance

Whether you are currently in business or deciding to start an agricultural business, insurance should be part of your risk management strategy. Risk management can take many forms, including insurance, production diversification, and business structure. Insurance shifts some of the risk from the business to the insurance carrier.

Crop Insurance Resource for Organic Producers

This factsheet explains the Risk Management Agency coverage of insurance for organic producers. USDA’s Risk Management Agency (RMA) provides coverage for: certified organic acreage, transitional acreage being converted to organic acreage, and buffer zone acreage.

How Growers Can Reduce Liability Risks

Fruit and vegetable growers face some liability risk every time they make their produce available for public consumption. There are basic business practices they can use to help reduce the likelihood of liability suits being filed.

Low-Cost Health Care for Farm Workers

For over forty years, Ag Worker Health and Services has provided low-cost, primary and preventive healthcare to those who work in agriculture. From dental cleanings to vaccines, Well Woman Exams to Behavioral Health Counseling, the clinic offers affordable options to the hardworking people that help bring food to the table. For more information about services offered and eligibility, call your nearest office in Billings, Lolo, Dillon, and Fairview.