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How to Direct Market Your Beef

This book is available online for free and offers tips on starting out, from finding your market niche all the way to product packaging. It provides case studies of livestock and poultry farmers successfully engaged in direct marketing their products. The resource includes a section at the end on factors that affect your bottom line, including your production costs, processing costs, market requirements, carcass yields, and storage and obsolescence risk, and management skills.

A Marketing Decision Tool and Guide for Grass-Fed Beef

This guide and decision-making tool is divided into four sections based on the four P’s of marketing: product, price, place, and promotion. Each section begins with a questionnaire to gauge your knowledge on the subject area. Completing the guide will help you evaluate your individual operation on six factors that are barriers to entering a market: finding a niche, product development and pricing, regulatory constraints, promotion and distribution, selling products, and managing risks.


Pork: Marketing Alternatives

This marketing and business guide, published by ATTRA, covers a range of direct marketing options and tips for pork producers as well as a list of further resources.


Direct Marketing

This publication focuses on direct marketing of niche, value-added, and specialty crops. It includes a case study (page 9) about a farm in Arkansas that built a relationship with a health food store that was able to ship their frozen meat to buying clubs in 11 states. This partnership allowed the Reeves to ship out-of-state at a very low cost compared to using UPS or FedEx, which require insulated packaging.