Planning for On-Farm Success has a number of other resources you may want to consider when working on your financial plans.

  • Module 4: Financial Management includes tips on how to estimate your costs and income when budgeting for future years as well as tips on recordkeeping that fits your farm operation.
  • Module 5: Financial Planning includes a helpful set of tests you can think through when using financial data for on-farm decision-making.

Evaluating a Farm Enterprise

Determining what to grow and how to sell it are the first steps in starting a farm-based business. This publication will help the reader take these important first steps.

MSU Ag Extension Economics Division

For one-on-one assistance with your financial tools, consider reaching out to Montana State Extension Services:

  • Kate Fuller: Agriculture Land Leasing, Farm Policy, and Decision Support Tools,
  • George Haynes: Ag. Policy, Small Business Finance, FSA Production and Financial Management,