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Currently Hiring


Farm Address

4675 South Ave West, Missoula, MT 59804

Number of Workers Sought


Type of Farm


Marketing Strategy


Marketing Strategy (Other)

U-Pick only



Pay Rate

$10-$12.50/Hour. No food or housing benefits offered

What are the dates of your position?

Start 6/13 to 9/15. Flexible for student.

Are you open to shorter periods of employment or do you prefer that workers stay the full season?

Prefer full season

Explain the room and board arrangements or describe options in your area

Rental housing in Missoula is expensive, but because so many University of Montana students live here during the school year, rental housing may be more affordable in the summer

Please share three things you think people should know about living with you.


Do you have a website, social media account, or job posting anywhere else?


Online Listing URL

Describe yourself, your family, background, farming experience, philosophy, goals and interests

Retired economist, master gardener, planted 185 semi-dwarf apple trees on 2 acres in 2010. This will be my third year as U-Pick orchard in Missoula. Also about 400 raspberry plants, also U-Pick. All organic.

Describe the physical setting of your farm and the nature of the community in which you live

Orchard is on the west side of Missoula, a university town with University of Montana. Numerous recreation opportunities near by.

Describe your farm operation

U-Pick organic orchard.

Describe the work to be performed by applicant

Physical labor, includes cultivating, irrigating, thinning, some planting.

What do you expect of a worker?

Honesty, willing to learn and share their knowledge, ability to use farm equipment. 30-40 hours per week, some flexibility depending on the needs of the worker.

Describe the learning and educational opportunities available to a worker

Worker should be able to work on their own if necessary after being shown what needs to be done. For example moving the irrigation setting each day could be such a chore.

Are you a full-time farmer?


Do you require a trial period or require a prospective worker to visit your farm before hiring?


Trial Period Description

Work for 2 weeks to see if we are a good fit.

Please attach any photos of your farm and operation