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I am an currently producing organic baby greens such as spinach, lettuce, arugula and kale for wholesale at local grocery stores and restaurants. I am looking for a longer-term site, whether through lease or purchase, that qualifies for immediate organic certification or is currently certified.

I currently grow on approximately two acres near Missoula and am looking for at least twice that amount of land to allow for crop rotations and cover cropping.

Prior to creating this business I was a mixed vegetable organic farmer in the Seattle area where I started a CSA program that grew to more than 500 customers, employed 12 people and farmed ten acres.

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My business operates year-round with the majority of the production happening May-October, but I continue producing spinach in high tunnels and caterpillar tunnels through the winter. I am personally responsible for all planning, field prep, planting, fertilizing, irrigation and weed management as well as harvesting, processing and packing.

I conduct soil tests annually and amend as necessary. On a 3+ acre site we would rotate growing areas using a rye/clover cover crop in fallow fields every third year.

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